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  • Vibian is a technological, innovative and leading company specialized in Indoor Air Quality solutions based on the latest technologies and cost-saving solutions

  • For all our products, quality, safety and compliance comes first and bringing people together at work and at home, thereafter

  • The well-being of people is our primary priority and comes first in every decision we make for our developments and services

  • We work with an established partner network across Europe and together with our partners we create safe working and home environments of clean air for health and wellness

  • Currently we have a wide product portfolio of solutions for commercial and home use available and many new solutions are in R&D phase to launch in Q2 and Q3, 2021

  • The head office is located in Barcelona, Spain with partnerships across Europe including the Netherlands, Italy, France, Germany, Portugal.


The foundation of our business has been built through a commitment to quality, safety, integrity, innovation and a green environment that distinguish us and guide our actions.


  • Quality: is guaranteed by our European product developments and partnership that ensure that our solutions are safe and comply with legal requirements

  • Safety: our solutions are guaranteed by independent laboratory tests which proofs that they deliver what we promise

  • Integrity: we build trust through responsible action and honest relationships

  • Innovation: we apply the latest technologies in our product designs to meet the needs of our customers and improve their well-being Environment

  • Green environment: the Earth is what we all have in common. It is therefore important that we handle this with care and do our part to keep it clean and protect



Gerben Romijn


Lenia Perez
Design, web & packaging


Erik snijders
Commercial Director


Marius van Aller
Business Development Manager

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